• The pathway by which your body handles not only food and nutrition but also chemical overload and allergy


  • Your body responds to everything – pain and good news – with an emotion.


  • Your body’s Nervous System and response mechanism.


  • Not only your skeletal strength, also accident recovery, cranial-sacral mechanisms, back ache, stiffness ….



jane-imageKinesiology uses muscle testing to find imbalances and connect the relationship between different parts of the body.  Natural relationships between the biological systems in the body contribute not only to the balance but also to the imbalance.

A session will include balancing the biochemical, emotional, energy and structure of the body.  The muscle test measures the motor response of the Central Nervous System.  There is no medical diagnosis – no condition or disease is identified.  Using 4 systems of the body, the imbalances, weaknesses, are identified.

Golden Ray Reiki is a very safe method that is effective in aiding many illnesses.


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